You’ve Got Some Truck Driving Experience under Your Belt — Now What?

After you’ve clocked in a number of hours during your first year as a truck driver, you might start to think about opportunities that may come across to you. As you spend more time in the trucking industry, developing more and more experience, the doors will start to open up, giving you a chance to scope out other opportunities for you in the ... Continue to the full article

5 Ways to Get into the Automobile Industry

The Automobile industry is one of the most promising industries undergoing disruptions all over the world. Startups are sprouting all over seeking to disrupt and get a piece of the pie of a billion dollar industry. Uber has shown there is a real potential in the automobile industry and the industry being as wide as it is, there are tons of ... Continue to the full article

5 Tips for Keeping Your Car Lean and Mean    

If you own a vehicle, you are responsible for keeping it up in terms of its optimum value. This is a consideration of form, function, reliability, and practicality. Yes, maybe as a teenager you might have feigned ignorance about what keeping a car up meant, but as an adult, you have no excuses. ... Continue to the full article

Three Things To Know About Replacing Your Car Battery

Most of you that are reading this probably already know much about car batteries, how to tell if it’s time to replace one, and even how to replace it. It’s likely, though, that a few of you that stumble upon this blog post don’t know the first thing about car batteries, and this post is really for you, even though the rest of you may enjoy the ... Continue to the full article

Carless? Reasons Why Buying A New Car Needs To Happen Now

Is Buying A New Car Really Necessary? Sure, there are other methods of transportation available. But what happens when the bus is running late, your carpool ride cancelled, and the next train won’t arrive until several hours from now? A cab is too expensive, your bike has a flat tire, and you can’t walk because it’d take hours before you ... Continue to the full article

A drive to the races

With Royal Ascot swiftly approaching as the pinnacle of the UK’s style calendar, we thought it would be a good time to cast our eyes over the best of the British car industry to pick a few highlights that would fit the part when driving up to this extravagant race meeting.  ... Continue to the full article